Ronin Stones is a casual rock-n-roll themed sake bar located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, but evoking the ambiance of small hidden bars you may find in the neighborhoods of Tokyo. Stop by for beer and a quick bite at our “tachinomiya” (standing bar area), or settle into our hidden lounge area where you can enjoy premium sake while thumbing through our vinyl collection. Our musical selection ranges from rock-n-roll to R&B to reggae to 80’s nostalgia, with no doubt that you’ll find something to your liking.

Our menu features an assortment of meat and vegetable skewers prepared on our open grill and served with homemade condiments. Adventurous eaters will enjoy our signature beef tongue skewers, along with our house made jalapeno miso. And the best part is washing it all down with a cold Japanese beer or a refreshing sake cocktail.

Ronin Stones is available for private parties; please enquire with the staff or by phone/email.


LOCATION: 69 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002
Phone Number: 646-882-0510
Hours: Monday-Sunday: 5pm-9pm